Our management team brings in decades of technology expertise and innovation that guides the company's direction. We build technology solutions for innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and larger corporations. Our strengths lie in the wonderful experiences we create for our clients as well as the end users of the solutions. We have helped convert ideas to successful products, built Learning management systems, built Internet of things (IoT) solutions, built Mobile applications, built responsive and optimized websites to create brand value and sell products online.

We are a team of people who are innovative and fun loving, with a real passion for problem solving & technology. We are extremely agile in our ways. We are also incredibly nice, honest and fun to be associated with. We look at everything as a learning experience and pursue it with passion, using our strengths, embracing and improving on our weaknesses, focusing on our goals. We love to look at everyday as if it is a new beginning and a new world full of interesting challenges.

At QTA, innovation is a passion and we excel in bringing right solutions to market fast