Turn your ideas into a product / service

We are a product development company and have assisted in developing products for US residential & commercial sectors. We have developed Human capital management products, Power management solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) applications among others.

Our team is very well experienced in solving the various challenges (social, technical, legal, regulatory, distribution, promotion etc) that are there in conceiving and building a successful product. Innovation and decisiveness are our core competencies.

As a product development company, we have the expertise to help turn your ideas into successful products. We engage with you to manage all aspects of the project so that you have the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that your idea will be a successful reality.

So if you have a cool idea about a business or a product and want to get it started, we can team up with you to get it done and bring to market faster and efficiently.

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Web & Cloud Solutions

We are a web solutions developer with expertise in building search engine optimized websites to eCommerce to eBusiness applications. We have proven expertise in rapidly building these solutions and maintaining and scaling them up over their life cycle. We have successfully built, highly optimized, search engine friendly websites and enhanced search engine rankings organically for our customers.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

We are an Internet of Things (IoT) developer with expertise in building solutions for commercial and residential customers. We build power factor management solutions for commerical customers and home automation solutions for residential customers.

We have built embedded production IoT solutions with Intel Galileo, Intel Atom, Intel Moon Island, Arduino, WindRiver, KURA framework, National Instruments CRIO with LabView and optionally integrated with Cloud application. We do sensor and port (Analog, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM) programming over networks like Zigbee, embedded bluetooth, Ethernet, Thread and Wifi in residential and commercial automation environments. We have built power management and power factor correction solutions for businesses.

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Mobile applications

We design and develop innovative and highly interactive mobile applications with a clutter free interface. We have designed and developed both native and html5 based applications which are easy to use and respond really fast to user interaction.

Our team has proven expertise in developing apps for IOS (IPhone and IPad), Android and Windows platforms.

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Business applications

Our team brings in vast experience of working with Large & medium organisations in solving their business problems. Working with us will be a personal experience where our technology professionals will work very closely with you in understanding and solving your business problems. Your success is what gives us satisfaction.

We have developed a wide variety of performance intensive applications from Data mining applications, Mobile applications, Inter of Things (IoT) applications, Stored value systems, Talent management systems, Customer data management systems, ERP implementations, CRM implementations, Learning systems (LMS), Office automation, Workforce Management applications, Cloud computing applications, Healthcare systems etc among others.

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